Zanaflex belongs to a class of medications known as Central Alpha-2-Adrenergic Agonist.

Zanaflex is a highly effective medication used for MS (Multiple sclerosis) and CP (Cerebral palsy) treatment. It reduces spasms and spasticity by blocking nerve impulses (sensation of pain) that lead to muscles tightening.

Multiple scientific studies on Zanatex showed its benefits for spasticity treatment when compared with the control group.

MS treatment guidelines state that Zanaflex may be used in treatment where other medications like baclofen or gabapentin were not successful.

Zanaflex is also used to treat spinal injuries to relax muscle tone and offer temporary relief to patients.

How to take Zanaflex?

Zanaflex comes in form of oral tablets or oral capsules. Follow your doctor’s orders carefully. Any change in dosage or form of medication (capsules or tablets), as well as the time of administration, might influence muscle tone by increasing or decreasing it. Do not alter your dosage without medical advice.

Every dose of Zanaflex should be taken with food each time or without food each time. Patients must not switch back and forth as it might have an impact on how Zanaflex works in the body.

Precautions and combination with other medication

A daily dosage of Zanaflex must never exceed 3 doses of 36 mg per day. Overdose might lead to liver damage. Overdose symptoms can also manifest in such symptoms like fatigue, drowsiness, confusion, slow pulse, superficial breathing, or fainting.

Various medications including painkillers, cold medication, sleeping pills, antiseizure medication and antiallergy pills may cause enhanced sleepiness in patients receiving Zanaflex treatment.

Alcohol should be avoided when taking Zanaflex as it may increase some of the side effects.

Other Zanaflex drug interactions are included in patients’ leaflet. Please read before taking Zanaflex.

Common Zanaflex side effects

  • Slowing of the heart rate,
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Xerostomia
  • Constipation

A full list of side effects is included in the patients’ leaflet.

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